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Stabilizing the Line of Sight

Author: Peter J. Kennedy & Rhonda L. Kennedy
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In Stabilizing the Line of Sight, authors Peter J. Kennedy and Rhonda L. Kennedy provide a methodology and an example for executing a successful end-to-end line-of-sight (LOS) design. Comprehensive in scope, this book will give readers a better understanding of the relationships between the various engineering disciplines that are required for successful LOS control, and will provide them with a detailed methodology for LOS stabilization system design as well as the algorithms essential for analyzing stabilization dynamics.

LOS control ensures that the observer maintains a clear field of view, regardless of disturbances. Compensating for disturbances to the LOS derived from platform rotation or vibration, or LOS stabilization, is critical to LOS control and the primary focus of this book.

The disturbance phenomenology and compensation techniques that affect LOS stabilization performance are broad, and the sooner the breadth of the problem is understood, the sooner a solution can be reached.

Stabilizing the Line of Sight, based on the authors’ decades of experience with successful LOS stabilization, will serve as a reliable and thorough guide for readers who are less familiar with LOS. It will give readers an understanding of the scope of the issues affecting LOS and lead them to relevant solutions for stabilization and control.

Engineers, engineering managers, engineering students and educators involved in the design of pointing systems will benefit from this guide to effective LOS control and stabilization design.

BONUS: Now includes a comprehensive PDF overview of the issues and topics that must be addressed to successfully implement Line of Sight (LOS) control and stabilization design. Originally part of a webinar presentation by the author, the 57-page document introduces LOS pointing, tracking, and stabilization, with a focus on LOS definition, performance, architecture, and basic theory.

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About the Author
Peter J. Kennedy received a BS in mechanical engineering from Lafayette College, Easton Pa., in... more about Peter J. Kennedy & Rhonda L. Kennedy

Praise for Stabilizing the Line of Sight

“Stabilizing the Line of Sight is a unique book which is a must-read for all those designing sensor payloads for airborne, ground and maritime vehicles, especially cameras for drones and driverless cars. Such vehicles experience vibrations induced by motion and environmental disturbances which, unless compensated, will produce jittery images of little practical value. The Line of Sight is the all-important line connecting the sensor with the observed object and must be stabilized to produce usable images and hence stabilization of the Line of Sight is the focus of this remarkable monograph. The authors, who have real-world experience of many years, meticulously discuss the key issues of disturbance characterization, error budgets, sensor properties and specialized control algorithms. This hard-to-find material is beautifully illustrated not only with conceptual drawings but also performance plots for actual systems designed by the authors. Anybody who takes seriously the design of autonomous sensor platforms should study this exceptionally useful, and moderately priced, monograph.”

Prof Rafal Zbikowski
Cranfield University


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